Detective Comics Vol.1 #400


Zoologist Kirk Langstrom is working late at the Gotham Natural History Museum putting together a bat habitat; he aims to perfect a serum that can endow people with enhanced auditory abilities via a specialized bat gland extract; Elsewhere in the city, a group of thieves known as the Blackout Gang break into a vault; Back at the museum, Kirk Langstrom is pleased with his progress and decides to test his new formula upon himself; he mutates into Man-Bat.

Printed: Jun 1970
Writers: Frank Robbins
Art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano
Cover: Neal Adams

- The 3.0 copy has top staple tear/removed from cover, but is intact with the rest of the book.

- 1st appearance and origin of Man-Bat, a scientist whose experiment went awry after combining human and bat DNA to cure his own deafness
- First team-up of Batgirl and Robin in a backup story